Secret Society

The Noble 52 Secret Society

What is 'The Noble 52' and did King Charles III really create this secret society? 

You probably know King Charles III is a proud member of The Magic Circle in London. But here's the secret story I can neither confirm or deny – the King of Great Britain founded an exclusive society of top-drawer magicians called 'The Noble 52.' This elite club has only 52 members, handpicked by the King himself. So, when you find a magician from this group, you've found the right one for you.

King Charles III magic society minted coin

The story: To mark King Charles's III coronation, it is alleged the monarch ordered 52 specially minted coins with 'The Noble 52' emblem, and gifted them to each member. They also received an exquisite deck of matching gold-embossed playing cards.

Exclusive members possess a stylish metal card with a unique membership number as a gift from the King himself. It is said that it boosts a magician's status and brings privileges and connections from the most special magic club globally.

Ask Mr Magii about the story behind the society and watch his special presentation of the illusion only performed by The Noble 52 members using the special minted King Charles III membership coin. 

Group Member No. 37

Meet your distinguished illusionist based in South London. Mr. Magii is believed to be prestigious secret society member No. 37 of The Noble 52.

"Magic has been my passion since childhood, starting with magic books borrowed from my local library. Today, I've taken my magic to a whole new level, professionally entertaining at private parties, corporate events, and weddings. It's all about fun and creating unforgettable memories no matter what the special event!."