Magic Up Close

Mr Magii - Magic Up Close

Get Ready for Mr. Magii's Close-Up Magic!

Mr. Magii is your go-to magician for close-up magic that's a hit at parties, weddings, restaurants, corporate events, and more. He's a master of close-up magic, delighting guests with dazzling tricks and witty banter.

Close-up magic with Mr. Magii is pure entertainment. He's not your average magician – he's a Rubik's Cube-solving wizard and a mind-reading maestro. Watch £20 notes magically appear from lottery tickets, leaving everyone amazed.

Fun before your very eyes!

But it's his card tricks that truly shine in intimate settings. Cards vanish, reappear, and astound in ways you've never seen before. Mr. Magii's card wizardry baffles even fellow magicians. Get ready for close-up magic like never before – book Mr. Magii's Magic Show now!

A Whirlwind of Fun-Packed Magic! When Mr. Magii takes the stage, get ready for a whirlwind of wonder. His rope routines, coin tricks, and everyday objects like pens will leave you spellbound.

Watch pens vanish, solid objects get penetrated, and elastic bands pass through each other. Witness matchboxes dance hypnotically on his hand and prepare to be amazed by his recycled chewing gum trick and mind-reading feats.

Hold onto your hats for tricks like the Bottle through the table, pen through the banknote, and the melting coin. Mr. Magii's performances are packed with laughter from start to finish, turning any event into a sensational celebration.

Don't miss out – let Mr. Magii make your event magical! Book now and prepare for a night of enchantment and laughter!"