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Magician – Children’s Entertainer

Magic Shows – Close-Up Magic

Welcome to Mr Magii's Magical World - South West London's Premier Magician. For captivating entertainment at children's parties, family gatherings, or special South West London celebrations, your search ends here. Mr Magii is your trusted magician, dedicated to creating enchanting moments for everyone.

Experience Unforgettable Magic for All Ages. 

Prepare to be captivated by a dazzling array of tricks, illusions, and pure fun, designed to delight both children and adults.

Why Choose Mr Magii? 

Mr Magii's magic is tailored for all age groups, ensuring that everyone, from kids to adults, revels in the wonder. His interactive shows leave a lasting impression.

Bring Magic to Your Event. 

Mr Magii excels at turning ordinary gatherings into extraordinary moments. Whether it's a child's birthday, a family reunion, an adult celebration, or your dream wedding, he infuses magic into every facet.

Contact Mr Magii today to add enchantment to your gathering, where the impossible becomes an enchanting reality.

Perfect entertainment for children's parties! A spectacular show suited for events where children comprise the majority of the audience. Mr Magii is also an excellent choice for schools, festivals, cabaret performances, fairs, and fetes!

Planning a Children's party?

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Besides delighting audiences with his stage performances, Mr Magii excels in mingling with party guests, showcasing a repertoire of captivating close-up tricks and illusions for all to enjoy.

Mr Magii performances are perfectly suited for events where the audience comprises a blend of children and adults. The tricks are versatile, offering enjoyment by people of all ages operating on many different levels, guaranteeing a captivating experience for all.

Magician based in South London.

Mr Magii performs shows all over London and beyond. 

Some ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ reviews...

"How does he do it? Book this wizard!!"

Dan M

"Just wanted to say THANK YOU Mr Magii, you kept the kids entertained throughout your show which was more than 'magical'. Us parents and our youngsters were in stitches when you kept 'accidently' hitting them with the huge sponge wand. Brilliant." 


"Unbelievable tricks! Brian is a genius and very funny too.

Dylan Lees-Jones

"If you want to make a party extra special, then get Mr Magii to come along. Such clever magic tricks loved by our mixed group of young and older adults. He has such a friendly and relaxed style. It was great fun.


"Thank you so much!! You've been brilliant! I had no doubt you were going to be amazing!!! All guests had a great time and were impressed by you. Our little girl had an amazing time and all of her little friends are still talking about you and your magics!!

I'd definitely recommend Mr Magii. Unforgettable party!!!


"Mr Magii enthralled the kids at our daughter’s 6th birthday party from start (light up shoes!) to finish (the star trick!) - it really was a magical evening with a great time had by all."

Rachel O

Great act! Amazing show! Thoroughly entertaining!

Charlie FA

"We saw Brian at the Magic Circle close up evening - as part of a top international line up his show was epic. Wrapped in unique comic charm, and delivering mind stretching mystery and jaws on the floor, it made for a fantastic celebration of magical skills. A really enjoyable evening. Very highly recommended. A refreshingly different approach - quite brilliantly executed. If you love magic, you'll love Mr Magii....and Brian's ok too!"

Ian W

"Mr Magii was amazing. He captivated our guests with his magic and personality table by table." 


"Mr Magii was absolutely brilliant at our family and friends party. His tricks totally enthralled and amazed an audience of two adult generations, the elder of which in particular wouldn't consider themselves to be easily impressed." 


"It was the greatest surprise to have Mr Magii booked to do some magic for my eighteenth birthday party! Not only were his tricks impressive and fun, but Brian himself was friendly and funny, and it was clear he had personalised the tricks particularly for my birthday. It added unbelievable amounts of fun to the night and he had everyone entranced!"


Fantastic magician with a great sense of humour, and good with kids and adults alike. We've seen him 2 or 3 times, and then saw him at the Magic Circle and you would never have guessed it was his first time in that venue. PS still think his Mr buckethead trick/gag is so funny, but new tricks are great too.

Marcus W

"Well, I didn't think you would actually bring people to our stand at the (trade) show. To be honest I was just expecting some entertainment for passers-by. How wrong I was! Very professional. Your marketing nouse was very evident. I tip my hat to you - thank you for sending over the additional leads, and for your amazing magical skills too!


"Brian - you were amazing and thanks for helping to make the party MAGIC..."

Steve Husband

The Media People


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This isn't a sales brochure for Mr Magii, just a simple bookl full of suggestions and useful ideas to help you plan the perfect children's party for your little one that they will remember for a lifetime. My gift to you for visiting my website.