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Mr. Magii's Marvellous Magic Show 

Entertaining All Ages

Book Mr. Magii's Marvellous Magic Show for a captivating experience for all ages. His tricks enchant both kids and adults, offering wonder and laughter for everyone. With mixed audiences, his performance brings laughter to all levels, ensuring an enjoyable experience.

While many tricks are featured, Mr. Magii introduces exclusive adult routines, including magically unlocking padlocks with Houdini's key and turning lottery tickets into real banknotes. His mind-reading act astounds, the rope trick ignites hilarity, and his card tricks are mesmerizing.

For magical moments that transcend age boundaries, book Mr. Magii's Magic Show today!

Mr. Magii's Marvellous Magic Shows: Fun for Everyone!

An absolute blast for all ages, Mr. Magii's Magic Show is downright charming, bursting with laughter and amazement. The show adapts seamlessly to different settings, from cozy living rooms to grand venues. Indoors or outdoors, it's a hit in various locations. Enjoy fun, laughter, and amazement at your event. Step into Mr. Magii's enchanting world today!"

Experience Mr Magii's Mesmerising Card Magic and more

Experience Mr. Magii's Enchanting Card Magic Witness breathtaking card sleights that leave you spellbound. Cards appear and disappear in unexpected places, from decks to ceilings. Among signature tricks, Mr. Magii presents the recycled coke can illusion and the torn and restored playing card with an incredible twist. Enjoy the impossible audience prediction hidden in Mr. Magii's wallet. His repertoire includes timeless acts like the cups and balls routine, a mobile phone appearing in a balloon, and a lightning-fast Rubik's Cube solve in just 10 seconds. Brace yourself for the pen-through-banknote trick and the mesmerizing hypnotic rope act.

Don't miss these incredible illusions at Mr. Magii's Magic Show. Book now for magic in action!

The Mr. Magii Magic Show can be adapted to various situations, and consistently dazzles with captivating effects and illusions. His performance is infused with charm, comedy, and an huge dollops of of fun!

Pssst... Ask Mr Magii to tell the story of the secret society he is a distinguished member of called 'The Noble 52'