Children's Parties

Unleash the Magic for Unforgettable Children's Parties and More!

Welcome to the enchanting world of Mr. Magii's Magic Show, where wonder meets laughter! The magician extraordinaire is your perfect choice for children's parties and any event where kids are the stars. But that's not all- his versatile show also shines at schools, festivals, cabaret performances, fairs, and fetes.

Laughter and amazement

Mr. Magii crafts a captivating performance, brimming with a delightful array of tricks and illusions that guarantee non-stop laughter and amazement. His magic show is tailored for children aged 5 and above, striking the perfect balance between pure entertainment and a touch of sophistication. He caters to a diverse audience, captivating the youngest child and even the most sceptical teenager and parent too!.

From the classic disappearing handkerchief to the mesmerizing floating glass of water, his repertoire boasts timeless favourites like the magician's colouring book, the broken magic wand, and the enchanted rope. Mr. Magii's magic has been the highlight of countless birthday parties and various events, leaving both kids and parents absolutely spellbound.

Magic that appeals to everyone

Prepare for a magical journey filled with laughter and excitement, Mr Magii's show is packed with comedy and lively audience participation. It's a timeless, unforgettable experience that appeals to everyone, regardless of age.

For the ultimate children's party magician, choose Mr. Magii today and let the magic begin!

Other magical activities

Mr Magii's show packages can include the production of a live bunny who loves youngsters stroking him, and is particularly fond of having her photo taken (what a superstar!). 

Children can also enjoy other favourite party activities such as balloon modelling, party games, disco dancing and more. Parents can sit back and relax watching their children enjoying themselves on their special day. 

For a children's party to remember, choose Mr Magii and let the magical activities commence. 

Planning a children's party?

Download your free Children's Party Planning eBook. It's packed full of ideas to help plan your child's special day. There's a checklist to remind you what to do in the lead up, on the day and after the party has finished. It's written by me, but it's not a sales brochure for Mr Magii or any other magician. I hope it helps make your party planning a little easier.